Monday, 22 March 2010

Waking in Tears

So who likes to hear about random nonsensical dreams? Well here is mine… My mother is becoming angry about where to host the Christmas dinner and my father is being less than helpful. I go into the living room to see the table set; relieved it’s not in the bathroom or airing cupboard. My father comes in and my mother vents some anger to which my father says he was bonding with his children. My mother is relieved and decided to do the same by hosting a Milkshake Straw Sucking Competition in which you get a seriously long straw fill it with milkshake and two people suck it (one at each end) and you see who can suck the most part of the straw flat.

Now a crowd gathers and there is an elderly lady in it. She’s looking a bit shabby. She touches her hair and a large portion of her scalp falls of –cancer we decide. ‘Oh no, I’ve just dyed my hair, it must be that I got some on my scalp’ she implores –dementia we diagnose. It becomes my job to take her to the hospital.

Now it’s time for the roughly cut strange dream transition that sometimes occurs where everything changes. I’m with two guys, life long best friends. One is leaving, and one has dementia. I call us a taxi to take us to the doctor because I imagine that’s where you go when someone had dementia. We get in and I tell him where to take us. My friend with dementia is loosing his mind and memories. We’re in the taxi and his phone rings. He doesn’t realise its his phone, but then he does, but then he doesn’t realise how to answer it. I try to take if from him and there’s a little kafuffle and the phone is dropped.

He can’t remember how to use the phone to see who rang so I take a look, but annoyed with the situation he hits the phone out of the window. It’s tense and we’re all quite sad about what’s happening. ‘Don’t you hate it when you know everything is about to change and you can’t do anything about it,’ I ask the Taxi driver, ‘It’s not like what you had recently was amazing, I mean I’ve just been working and stuff, but over all, my time with these guys was something else and now it’s over.’
‘You just have to wait and see what the future holds’ says the taxi man. We reach our destination and come to a shop.

Queue final nonsensical dream transition that relates to other parts of the dream unmentioned. To get to the ‘gate’ where one of my friends has to go we have to buy special transport (a small blue creature like a rubber toy about the size of a pencil sharpener, of which we all ride on the back of). We’re deciding which one is best.
My friend with dementia becomes agitated and upset claiming he hadn’t given me my gift. ‘No, no, you have. You’ve given me my memories!’ I exclaim. We embrace and I’m so taken by his degrading memory and my resent to the coming end to our friendship I’m in tears. I awake bringing this part of the dream back with me.

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