Monday, 28 June 2010

So much stuff is going on!

Soooooo people it's been a while, what can I say? I've been busy. I want to tell you all about it but I'm going to try and keep it pretty brief. So, numero uno, I've finished university - kinda -. Where as everyone has already collected their grades many of my very talented friends getting 1st degree honours, I got an extention thus I won't find out my results till the end of July.
The Visual Communications departments held and awards show and I won the award for Fine Art Photography which was very pleasing. I got a 'trophy' and £500 to spend on a photography website is pretty cool! Here you can see me with my award :) I have it kept in pride and place on my desk, laid down, on a pile of papers...
This is what I wore to the awards show. Nothing like making a scene and an pretentious speach at the awards!
I also got a new job thanks to the wonderous Roseanna Velin! I work at Doubletake studios which is a photography studio where people can come and have their pictures taken. It's really fun and I've learnt loads since working there. It's also cool because there are a few people working there who I've always considered as reputable local photographers such as Tom Steventon and James Beddoes (click on their names to see some of their work).
I've also finally got myself together and had Major Arcana series made into a book. It's not just a book with the pictures in, its has insight into the work and the process, as well as additional images and my original concept sketches so it's kind of a look at the project as a whole. The book is available to buy from Blurb, which you can see HERE. Although if you order it from me you can get cheaper prioty shipping, and I'll get it special delivery to your door :)
A few of the pictures, 5 in fact also went on exhibition at my end of year show and different to last time I had them framed.They looked really cool sized A1 and A4, you can see them in this picture but the reflections are pretty bad. All in all though it was a pretty good show and I'm really glad a couple of my friends Ruth and Claire got to come down from London and see it!
This is what I wore to the Grad show opening, can't say it was the best choice of outfit considering it's a Ski suit and it was 12,000 degrees on the day of the show. The cog like neck piece is something Kyle Perks made for his foundation year projects.
I also walked on the catwalk for him at his end of year show which was pretty cool.
I went for like really bizzare rough covage facepaint by applying it all quickly with a small paint brush. It was a wicked show, and it was nice to see some of Kyle's work in action.
Finally I wanted to round up the year with my uni friends so I arranged for 34 of us to go to Cafe Soya for a goodbye meal which was really fun!
It's been a really ace year, and there's a great vibe in the air this summer. 'Here I come world' and all that jazz. I won't leaving blogging so long next time, I'll avoid you having to enjure another essay. So, what have all you guys been up to? have you rounded of the academic year remembering the good times gone by in great hope they'll continue?

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Make-up artist Julia Hyland

Whilst working on my Major Arcana project I got to work with some excellent make-up artists. One in particular was special effects and artistic make-up artist Julia Hyland. She helped worked on images such as 'The Lovers' and 'Death'. She has an excellent degree of skill and a very professional approach, bringing high quality results you can rely on. She's just launched a new website so it would be awesome if you could check it out!
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