Sunday, 24 May 2009

Proud to Party

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Copacabana, the final fontier

Jak Flash
I saw Star Trek on Wednesday, pretty good. I give it a 7/10. Some amusing parts, but it made me wonder, do trekkies not find people attractive? Why was Chekhov the only fitty?
On another note I also did a Copacabana themed photoshoot with Poppy in the afternoon. We'd been approached by a stylist at university to shoot her clothes for her project. Above is one of the images from the shoot, pretty cool, shot in a very sandy studio! The model is Hilde Kvivik Kavli and the Stylist was Christina Skarpari. There was a nice range of clothes, shot in this 1940s modern nostalgia sense.
On Friday I also managed to speak to a really cool photographer from Brighton/London called Mario. He gave me a lot of advice about industry and stuff so I'm excited about the future. Gunna keep trying and see what comes about :)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Magic at the museum and other ventures

This was me on Saturday night at the Gale when
I was taking pictures for 3sixty magazine.

At university today I started getting some inspiration for a shoot I plan to do next week with Xander Bliss, which should be fun. Another chance for me to use the studio before it closes for summer. I also went to the museum today because I have been meaning to go since the day Sir Edward Burne-Jones had more work brought to the museum. He's my favorite artist and his work continued to amaze me. I recommend going if you like art. He was a very talented man. Tickles my pickle anyway. Also in the museum right now is that portrait gallery of Obama's people. That too was good. Nice large portraits shot with 2 umbrella flashes creating nice flat images. It's the little details that are amusing though, like how all the black people just seem to be Obama's mates.
Finally there was the stroll in the park with Poppy, that weird one who lives beneath me. The park has come into bloom and is rather beautiful. Midges everywhere! But blue, pink and white bluebells where everywhere. Nice!

I have arrived

So I finally decided to start up my own blog. Fall into the crowd and do what everyone else is doing. Better late than never I guess. I did have an 'online diary' on but its new page layout thwarted its popularity! So I'm back again, giving you some insight to what I'm upto :)
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