Friday, 5 March 2010

A busy time

So I've been behind on my blogging, and quite rightly so. Everything is up in the air at the moment. The 8 week challenge is definately on a hold at least for the next three weeks! I've been piling on the photoshoots as there isn't much time left. At the moment I have I've probably got 10 more to do and I'd quite like to reshoot one.
I've worked with another new Make-up artist Joolz who has done some wicked make-up for a couple of the shots and will be working again with me on Wednesday. I've also been working with Christina King who made this wicked crown for the Emperor shot, and she's going to be making a few more things to that I look forwards to.
On the 'Temperance' photoshoot James Lawrence Slattery and Gavin Pickle (Make-up Artist) did some modelling for me and Roseanna Velin did the Make-up. The costumes they're wearing were made by Kyle Perks who you can follow at
This image along with a short article will also be going into the next issue of Spaghetti Junction.
I think it's going well, and although very stressful at times I'm still enjoying it.
I shot judgement the other day, which is going to be the biggest nightmare to edit but here are some sample images I thought you might enjoy :)

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