Sunday, 28 March 2010

Preview Exhibition

Last week I put up a preview of my coming exhibition in Perry Barr. You can see the 6 selected images in the Union building at Birmingham City University City North Campus. The images are of the High Priestess (Model Erica Millwood, MUA Joolz Hyland and Costume by Emily Britton), The Empress (Model Hazziehat Scheck, MUA Gaving Pickle), The Emperor (Models Adam Bennett, Tyler Blake, Maximillian Genoni, Murray Sommerville, Jeremy Williams, Ben Poultney), The Lovers (Model John Gihair, MUA Joolz Hyland), The Wheel of Fortune (Models Jess Charles, Martyn Aston, James Zaremba, MUA Roseanna Velin) and The Hanged man (Models Kyle Perks, Paul Og, MUA Roseanna Velin).
The full exhibition shall be launching on the 12th of April in the Works Gallery - details to follow

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