Sunday, 25 July 2010

Trip to the Museum

Today I went on a little excursion to the museum. I was first thoroughly surprised to see Jacob Epstein’s creation there, the Rock Drill. I’ve seen various bits of his work before in London and such but not this piece. Although it wasn’t the original it was fantastic to see. The shape and crisp colour was captivating. I couldn’t help think… this is what I want to look like.

The reason I actually went to the museum wasn’t to see the piece by Epstein but was in fact to do some research and to look at the Steve McCurry exhibition. Although I knew of his work I wasn’t overly familiar with it. I found it surprising though how inspiring his images really were. Some of them really got me on their content, which is unusual having seen so much documentary work. The use of vivid colour and subject matter really made his images stand out. It was a retrospective, which might be why the pictures swayed me but they seemed like an honest commentary from McCurry’s perspective. They weren’t hung up on poverty or despair, which is what I think I liked most. If you around, I definitely encourage you to see it. It’s free and definitely worth a visit.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Alex Box

Some of you may know I have come to have a great love for all that is Illamasqua! Illamasqua is what I use for make-up and am constantly astounded by the great range of products. Recently Alex Box, the goddess of Make-up came to give a talk at Selfridges. I think she would appreciate me stating that she isn't just a make-up artist, she is an artist who uses make-up as a medium.
It was Gavin Pickle who asked me to come, and I'm glad I did. I met up with Roseanna Velin and we watched Alex Box put make-up on one of the models used in the Dystopia Campaign.
She worked to high levels of effortless perfection, all the while discussing how make-up is more than coverage. It can be used to transform you, to the extents of spiritual transformations. Illamasqua is like an alchemic creation used as a modern day elixor for all those who want to change themselves.This is what Alex Box created for us, showing how in a single tonal range she create this ethereal/almost classic Hollywood character. In essence that is what Alex Box is all about, bold statements in the creation of characters.
It was great to meet her and hear her point of views and she said she liked my make-up, Alex Box liked my make-up! That had me on a high all day. Her make-up is a great inspiration to me and you can often see the influences in the things I put on myself.
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