Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Dermalogical Rebellion

I have some kind of eczema based skin allergy and lately I've tried to find the root cause of it. I was thinking food related as I have done for some time. I was lead to believe it could be because of my sugar in take so I fasted for 2 days and then started eating again. I was eating fruit and then cereals and etc. Eventually it came back. I usually don't mind looking like a monster, who's falling to pieces–In my mind I look like Fever Ray at her award acceptance–today however after an extended period without high intakes of refined sugars I rebelled. I brought a Mars bar on the way home. No itchyness as such, so later I brought a large bar of Dairy Milk!!!! Sugar intakes are back on. Next stop, reduced milk/dairy. And yes! I know chocolate has dairy in!!!

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