Friday, 12 February 2010

8 Week Challenge

So lately I've been looking at physical idealism. It featured heavily in my dissertation and I'm currently reading the book 'The Nude' by Kenneth Clark. The idea of the idea have changed little in 2,000 years, since the sculpting of the statues in the Acropolis.In todays society perfect bodies are everywhere and I have a keen intrest in this idealised beauty as part of my photographical work. Now I also believe it's important to moderately try to stay healthy and fit. To look good is to feel good in my opinion. I think it's lazy to let yourself go (especially to then complain). Any way yarda yarda yarda, you all get the jist. I've been watching Tim Shaw in "Extreme Male Beauty" and he set an 8 week challenge to improve himself, so I thought I would do the same, on my own terms.
Here's my plan:
8 weeks. Everyday protien shakes, 2 eggs, 2 litres of water, the recommended 5 a day and reduced general food crap.
Then the exercise plan:
6 days a week jogging,
Exercise every other day on rotation of Chest/Shoulder/Stomach then arms/legs

Today was C/S/S, this entales:
Push ups - regular, incline and decline 3 x 10
Incline press 3 x 10
Open fly 3 x 10

Front lift - 3 x 10
Side lift - 3 x 10

Crunch - 3 x 10
Leg raise - 3 x 10
Oblique - 3 x 10
Tuck - 3 x 10
Torso Track - 3 x 10

Every week I will upload a picture of my torso so I can moniter my progression (if any)
I also measured my chest at 34 inches and my flexed bicep at 12 inches.
There are several reasons I'm doing this. Mainly because lately I've been trying various extreme diets to see if I can find a cause for my eczema. These diets have included fruitarianism, in which I felt I lost a lot of body definition and weight. Another thing is the eczema... if my skin is going to act like a twat, it can at least do it on a nice frame. Then finally there is Baptiste Giabiconi!
I saw the video below and just thought... yea why not. So enjoy :)

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  1. Your exercise plan sounds interesting ...but I'm not sure if I can deal witht 6 days of jogging lol it's way too boring for me.
    Good luck with the 8 week challenge! Oh and about the eczema - I frequently check out and luckily today I found this article:


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