Friday, 30 April 2010

A brief look into the near future

I've got so much up in the air at the moment. Perhaps too much? We'll see. It's not long until the end so there is a looming sadness. I got a random e-mail today asking me to go to Oxford to take pictures at Oxford Fashion week, so I'm going to do that on Thursday which should be cool. I'm not paying transport so yea sure why not. Here is some of the work made by the girl who asked me to come.
I had a meeting about the end of year show which is fast approaching. I need to find out what I want to do for that and decided upon a space. Perhaps invite some people? I'm doing a shoot on Friday with Fashion designer from BCU who's made a jacket, and our shoot's theme/feel is 'a sense of akwardness'. I have something building in my mind so look forwards to that. I'm also putting together a shoot with Genevieve deLande Long and Stephanie Reeves but I'll tell you more when things are confirmed.
What else is there? I'm entering a local competition and should really be focusing more of my attention on it but I'm excited by my idea. A shoot inspired by the great red dragon.
I did a self portrait yesterday which I really enjoyed, painting myself white. I would LOVE to be that colour, unfortunately I know of no way this could be possible.
That's enough for now, hopefully I'll be reposting with something more substantial tomorrow.

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