Saturday, 28 November 2009

Howl of the Monster

We each read into things in our own way, this is the art of aberrant decoding. Something that really interested me was the transformation of Howl from the Studio Ghibli rendition of Howl's Moving Castle. Howl is a decadent and beautiful young man, almost obsessed with his looks. To me he represents a large portion of men today. Men who moisturise, pluck their eyebrows, have the latest hair cuts, carry bags, the list continues.What I find most interesting is how the introduction of the leading female character Sophie drives Howl away from his former beauty and he changes into a monster. Everything is abandoned and his appearance becomes more about his body. No trousers or jackets but feathers and claws. I'm glad I managed to cover this in my last shoot, it means that I'm working towards my goal. I want to explore the rebellion of men, the birth of the monster.

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