Thursday, 26 November 2009

Creating a monster

On the walk to university today I spotted a new clothing store, one that had the potential to show me something new. Unsuprisingly it didn't though, it was the same old thing you'd expect to see in any shop. At the moment I have an overwhelming boredom with fashion and fashion magazines at the moment. It is so saturated with similar things. Boring fashion shoots, and clothes we've all seen again and again. I can however see something that's starting to show it's face.
Taking fashion into the people's hands everyone has become a fashion icon to some extent. What about all the Tyler Durdens out there though. Everyone who wants to rebel, who feels they are no different to everyone else? There must be a hoard of people who will eventually collect together bringing about a new monster to the fashion world. Something self destructive perhaps.
Are clothes the extent of fashion? Surely it goes beyond that. Maybe in the beginning it didn't but by today's standards we seem to have extended beyond that. There is something hidden within our form, something that perhaps clothes cannot soley express that I hope to bring about. As James st James said (well, at least in the film Party Monster) "If you have a hump, sprinkle a little glitter on it, go dancing!" and let's not forget the narrator from invisible monsters, 'birds ate her face' yet she is prominant and striking.
I admire what Steven Klein did with Brad Pitt, this focus on Tyler Durden, this constrain and representation of the male form in a video format. Steven Klein: "(Brad Pitt) did some of his makeup himself. He wanted to use his body as a landscape. He's not like 'Look at me—don't I look good?' He morphs himself so easily. He's the perfect muse." Tyler Durden is my idol, there is no man I admire more that this fictional character by Chuck Palanuick. He is a marvelous creation, a fearless man built soley for escapism through a revolution in all who are trapped in society. Last time I went out, not to have fun but to earn money for a shoot, but still at a nightclub, I got chatting to one particular guy who sparked interest in me. He commented on me having no eyebrows. He asked why and thought about the cause. He plucked his eyebros into neat shapes, and had metal bases to his teeth. He sought change in his appearance yet was confused by my change. Because he didn't see it as an attractive change it confused him. But I say fuck being attractive! Be who you want, release the monster inside yourself. Self destruction is an art. Who are you trying to impress anyway?

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