Friday, 4 December 2009

What is Art?

Without the academy to put in place artistic law the real definition of what art is, is somewhat lost and up for interpretation. Modern society rules anything with depth or meaning as pretentious, but I feel this this just a rouse so as not to appear to have any understanding of anything that hints at philosophy. Perhaps this is something to do with the age of technology.
I always say, 'It is the right of man to give meaning to that which has none,'. I think this statement encompasses what we believe art to be. I found a definition that details '(art is) the creation of beautiful or significant things'. With the ever changing state of the human condition, art is something we percieve to be so. It is something we give purpose to.
I suppose the real question here is, 'is anyone able to make art?'Some people look at pieces of art and because they don't understand it, or like it say that it is not art. Above I have provided a piece of abstract expressionist art by Pollock called 'autumn rhythm'. Some people may say this is merely paint thrown onto canvas rather than art, but I think it is the ability to create something and give it specific meaning that makes it art, appreciated or not.
The reason I write this blog post is because I am about to endeavour on the creation of a body of work. I have been given funding by Birmingham City Council to put on an exhibition of new work that I create. It is going to be based on photographical formats but I question what status I take upon myself and how that effects the relation my audience will have with my work. Am I a photographer, or am I an artist? Perhaps neither of these labels is fitting. All I know is that I want this creation to be more than just the production of images.

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